Clear Only Blurred

There was a time
    so long ago
when I thought life
     was happy/sad
and black versus white. 
Inbetweens and shaded greys
     are only part
the story goes on
    with blessed vibrancy
bright souls never fear. 
Once I thought worlds
    breathed in...out
black against stark white
   varied emotions crowned
malicious, ecstatic, frightful, brave.
As it turns out
   worlds are bigger
than we first thought
   clear only blurred
in front of us.
 Like I said in my last post, I feel like I'm gaining my words back after loosing them all year. It's been slow a bit painful but my journal is almost full.

xoxo Johanna

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  1. this is freaking gorge, though. i approve. and your pictures. AND YOUR FACE. yes.


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