scenery change

The first day of fall slipped under my blankets and pooled against my curled toes. They pushed against the soft cotton of summertime, laced with salty whiteness my sleepless nights impressed upon them. The first day of fall seeped up my leg, blowing soft laughter through the material of my shorts. Giggles and the rusty smell of autumn leafs cascading from sun-baked trees press soft kisses on my eyes. They're almost frosty, almost warm. Sending shivers through the curves of my fingers, clenching beneath my pillow. I needed this change of scenery, I needed the dusty browns to deepen, for greens to meld into golds. The smell of leafs and marshmallows burning on an open flame. Dew that soaks through layers of sweet smelling leather and woolly socks. Warm drinks spilling over the side of thick sided mugs with chips on the edges and cracks down the side. I needed the feeling of frosty fingertips wrapped around the crispy pages of a book while I sit by the window under layers of sweaters that make me feel like the snowman I want to build.

xoxo Johanna
ps. I'm 17 years old and I just forgot how to spell my name. I wrote Joeanna before I realized that ding-dong, that is wrong.


  1. this is pretty. the first day of fall was wonderful. good one, God.

  2. Mmmm...I like this. Fall is just beginning here too; cool but still geeeeeen.

    Lovin' it!

    Xx -Jenny

  3. Oh Johanna. You wrote such pretty things!!! (Can't wait to be in my thin long sleeves again. (Until they get into everything because there always to big for me. ;)))


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