Autumn Things

Yes, I know my last post was mostly about fall and the changing of seasons. But I'm really happy for fall! Here's some things, I'm excited about....
  • Cold toes buried in wooly socks
  • Dragon breath when you go outside
  • Red tipped fingers curled around mugs of cocoa 
  • Winter squash soups
  • Crystal blue skies
  • Blue northerns' 
  • Campfires with friends and singing
  • Pillow forts to stay warm in the middle of your room
  • Sweaters layered on top of other sweaters
  • Scarves every color of the rainbow
  • BOOTS! 
  • Tights with stripes, or fishnet, or colors. Or all of them. 
  • Long underwear (don't tell me I'm the only one excited about this?) 
  • Planting the winter garden
  • Chilly air
  • NANOWRIMO (someone help)
  • Frozen grass that pokes your shoes
  • Never going anywhere without your tea
What would you add? 

xoxo Johanna


  1. Love that last shot. And amen to sweaters<333

  2. these photos look like paintings.
    also you know i'm always willing to help with NANO. ;)


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