snowflake people

people are like snowflakes, she whispered in my ear.
they're wrapped in coldness, swaddled in negative heat.
each person is different, they have edges that are sharpened into points like knives.
they have corners that are blunted like the roundness of pennies.

they're intricate, interwoven, hot breath will melt them away
standing on the frozen edge of darling life
individually they coat the world in unique, quiet beauty
together they flood in soft rivers of white.

we're all snowflake people, she said again
her breath dusting the side of my face with damp warmth
you, me, we're both the same yet nothing alike
the same species on a different plain, wondering where we've all been.

xoxo Johanna
ps. I'm finally back! Whew, it's been a crazy last few weeks but I'm ready to get into blogging seriously as the year ends and a new one picks up where we left off. <3


  1. i am not kidding you, i have a draft with a few lines of writing in it titled 'snow people' on my blogger dashboard.
    now, that is just a liiiitle freaky. *ahem*

    but JOHANNA GRACE SCHNAKENBERG. (you have no idea how long i've wanted to write your last name.) this is is stunningly beautiful. you are a word weaver, darlin'. i knew this before, but every time i read any of your writing, i wish i could write like you. no kidding. this is absolutely perfect. (and your pictures? stunning. as usual. and they fit perfectly with your writing; an undertone of nostalgia, and warmth, yet hinting at bitter cold outside the ring of firelight. mm. yes.)

    love you bunches.

  2. this is so good. but the last line especially -oh my. your words drew me in more and more as the poem went on. beautifully + well written.

  3. not gonna lie, when I read the first line of this, I laughed because I've seen something on tumblr that was something like "people are like snowflakes, each one unique and different, not one like the other. also it's because it's really hard to drive with a lot of them piled up in the road." morbid? ahem sorry. on a more serious note, this really was quite lovely, and the photos themselves are swoon-worthy. lovely, dear.

    1. Ha! I saw that post right after I published this and was like "Dang it, I knew I wasn't being very original, OH WELL."

  4. Pretty happy about this! The you being back. And I loved the writing.

  5. your writing is amazing! lovely post<<3
    rainbows and dreams


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