four pictures

I don't even know where to start with this. Life always has its ups and downs, but lately my life has been a steady stream of up and ups. These instagram pictures (follow me!) pretty much sums a lot of things up.

  • The first one is of Noble and I, my sweetheart and incredible friend. So much I could say about this guy. But all that is for another time. 
  • The second is of the farm, home, and the celebration of waking up earlier and running before the heat bakes you. 
  • The third is from my new job. I'm a nanny for a big, beautiful family with lots of loud boys with a lot of life who like to play under the house. 
  • The fourth is from my letter writing, which I do a lot of now. I never knew how important it would feel. 
God is so good, my friends. I'm just so amazed every single day at how much he loves me and cares about me and has given up to let me live. It's mind blowing and astonishing and it seems that every day this feeling grows more and more in my mind and heart. I always knew God had the best in store for my life, but I never imagined just how rich and good it would truly be.

The rest of this month holds a lot of good and some bittersweet. I'm starting the Perspectives course on Wednesday, I'm visiting my cousins in Mississippi and photographing the promotional pictures for Jessica's album, Noble's heading to college in Florida so we have to say farewell for a while, and God is good.

So catch me up in your lives, lovelies. What's new for you? How is your 2014 going so far?

xoxo Johanna Grace


  1. aw, it makes me happy to see these photos.

    honestly my 2014 hasn't gone that well, it's been hard, but i'm learning to trust God with everything.

    God is good, so good.

    xo, rn

    1. <3 I'm so sorry dearheart. Praying that your year looks up a little more! God's love is so big. <3

  2. that first photo. so happy!
    i'm so glad life's been treating you well.

  3. Do tell about this sweetheart, ok? ;) God is really good. I've been babysitting some little boys that like to be outside too and working a lot. It's all good.

  4. It's so impressive, the way you acknowledge God in the good as well as the more challenging times.

  5. 2014 is pretty okay for me :)



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